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Craft Coverings also stock a large range of fittings to make repairs to your covers. We have everything from Bungies to Pelican Clips in plastic and stainless steel.

Our range includes: Tube Slide Ends, Deckmounts, Rope Hooks, Bow Knuckles, Tube Ends, Plastic Joiner Internals, Thumbscrews, Plastic Coupling Externals, Bungies, Buckles, Stayput Fasteners, Gemlock Hinge Sleeves, Dead Eyes (PNP 45), Web Bridge Mounts, Eye Straps, Lift-a-dot Fasteners, Pelican Hooks, Round Rings, Snap Hooks, Sliding Adjuster Buckles, Button Snap Fasteners, Fender Hooks, Eye Straps, Permalock Fasteners, Snap Fasteners, Deck Hinges, Zips, Pins, Screws, Nuts, and much, much more….

You don’t need to wait to fix that bent fitting that is driving you crazy. Stop into our factory at 20 Gateway Court, Coomera and check out our range. Send us an email if you like.

We have a huge range of high quality fittings to help marine trimmers build amazing accessories for boats.


Our stainless fittings are heavy duty, made of the highest grade stainless steel and are highly polished for a beautiful finish to your job.

Bow Knuckles

Tube Clamp 25mm

Tube Clamp 32mm

Hinged Tube Clamp 25mm

Hinged Tube Clamp 32mm

Deck Hinges

Rail Mount Deck Mount

Straight Deck Mount

Angled Deck Mount

Universal Deck Mount

Quick Release Deck Mount

Side Mounts

Side Mount Large

Side Mount Small

Stayput Toggles (Stainless)

Horizontal - Single or Double

Vertical - Single or Double

Other Accessories

Pelican Hooks

Spring Snap

Wire Eye Strap (Saddle)

Wire Thimble 3mm


Our Craft Coverings brand nylon fittings are made in Australia from high grade materials to suit the harsh Australian environment.

Deck Hinges

Deck Mount Bevelled Black

Deck Mount Bevelled White

Rope Hooks

Body Hook Black

Body Hook White

Bow Knuckles

Tube Clamp Black 20mm & 25mm

Tube Clamp White 20mm & 25mm

Bungies & Rope Buttons

​Lengths: 130mm, 150mm, 170mm, 190mm, 209mm



Rope Buttons Black & White

Strap Buckles

D Buckle Black

Small Buckle Black & White

Thumb Screws

Thumb Screws Black & White

Side Mounts

Side Mount Black

Side Mount White

Tube Ends

Tube Ends - Black & White 25mm x 1.6mm 25mm x 3mm 20mm

Flat Tube Stops Black

Flat Tube Stops White

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