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Sunbrella Solution Dyed Acrylic

At Craft Coverings we use only the best materials. Sunbrella is the # 1 trusted name in Marine Fabrics. Australia has one of the harshest marine environments in the world, yet, it is no match for Sunbrella fabric, with it’s rich colour being an integral part of the fibre it can’t be washed away or bleached out by the sun.

Sunbrella fabric is woven for breathability. So rest assured that your cover won’t trap heat and moisture.

Sunbrella fabric has the longevity and durability you need as you can have protection from the sun and enjoy long hours on the water knowing that your cover will last and last and last. Sunbrella fabrics also carry the Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

With a Craft Coverings cover made from Sunbrella fabric you can use your boat all year round.

Come see our colour range to design a perfect setting for a perfect day on the water.

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